Международная конфереция "Emerging Africa Old Friends" (Печ, Венгрия)

14 июня — 16 июня 2012 г.

Emerging Africa
Old Friends, New Partnerships and Perspectives for the 21st Century

International Conference
“Keep your friends close – and your rivals even closer.” Nelson Mandela
14 – 16 June 2012
University of Pécs, Hungary

The Africa Research Centre of the Department of Political Studies, University of Pécs, in cooperation
with Hungary’s Africa Studies journal (Afrika Tanulmányok) will host its second
international interdisciplinary conference on Africa and Africa-related research.
Africa has been on the rise in a number of different ways: the continent and many of its states
have a growing weight in the transnational global politico-economic arena of today. According to
recent surveys, up until 2030 the African continent will keep a strong annual growth rate of
around 6-7%, parallel to which, it will continue stabilising its political frameworks and
processes, therefore, will be able to transmit a new “image”, which is inevitable for any longterm
investment and development at large. Among the most intriguing issues we find the
changing African cities, which have a substantial influence on the changing social and physical
environment, as well as the transforming dichotomy between urban and rural areas, traditions
and human relations; the growing middle class across the continent, which will have the
strength to support and/or drive fundamental changes in their societies in the long run; or the
new type of competition among actors with historic ties with Africans, and other, sometimes
more dynamic and pragmatic entities of the semi-peripheries of the Global South. In light of all
these it is time to further discuss the relations of African states with global key actors, the
development of regional organisations, the future of the African Union, etc.
The main challenges will be highlighted with the help of two prominent scholars of African
research who will deliver the keynote lectures of the conference: Prof. Goran Hyden (University
of Florida, USA) and Prof. Ian Taylor (University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK).

István TARRÓSY, Ph.D., tarrosy@publikon.hu
Department of Political Studies, Africa Research Centre,
Faculty of Humanities, University of Pécs
organiser of the conference
Loránd SZABÓ, szabo.lorand@pte.hu
Department of Modern History, Faculty of Humanities, University of Pécs
organiser of the conference