The conference "African Economy: Trends and Transformations"

March 4-5 the African Club of the MGIMO University, AFROCOM and the Institute for African Studies (RAS) in the framework of the Forum "Russia - Africa: What's Next?" Held conferences on the topic: "African Economy: Trends and Transformations".

The event was opened by Irina Abramova, the Director of the Institute for African Studies (RAS), Corresponding Member of the RAS, Doctor of Economic Sciences, who made a welcoming speech. Then the floor was given to the Senator of the Russian Federation, Chairman of AFROCOM Igor Morozov; Senior Researcher of the Institute for African Studies (RAS), Executive Director of the Coordination Council for Cooperation with Africa of AFROCOM Stanislav Mezentsev; Chairman of the Student Secretariat of the Forum: ”Russia-Africa: What's Next?" on the basis of MGIMO University and the Coordinator of the Department for Work with Diplomatic Missions of the African club of MGIMO University Igor Tkachenko.

From the Institute for African Studies, the conference was attended by Ph.D. S.V. Kostelianets; Ph.D T.R. Khairullin; Ph.D., K.A. Alyoshin.

Conference program