Academic council

The supreme collegial academic body of the RAS Institute for African Studies is the Academic Council, which is elected from among the Institute's scholars of authority for a term of five years. The Academic Council considers the main directions of the scholarly activities of the Institute and its divisions, hears reports and communications, approves the programs and plans of research projects, personnel training, publication of research findings and proceedings, organization of international cooperation, meetings and conferences.

The competence of the Academic Council also includes working out and modification of the Institute's structure in accordance with the topical direc­tions of researches; discussion and approval of the reports made by the director and heads of the Institute's Centres on the progress of research projects; approval of individual and collective works submitted for publication by the scholarly divisions; nomination of candidates for nominal medals and prizes as awards for learned publications and other achievements; nomination of the Institute's staff members for conferment of academic and honorary degrees and titles; nomination of candidates for full- or corresponding membership in the RAS.

The IAS Academic Secretary - Marina AMVROSOVA, PhD (Hist)
Tel. (+7 495) 690-09-95

Irina ABRAMOVA, Chairman
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr.Sc. (Econ.), Professor
Тел 8 495 690-63-85

Alexei VASILIEV, Deputy Chairman
Member of the Russian Academy of Science, Dr. Sc. (Hist.), Professor
Tel: +7 (495) 690-63-85

Dmitri BONDARENKO, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Dr.Sc. (Hist.), Professor
Tel: +7 (495) 697-20-22

Sergey VOLKOV, PhD (Econ.)
Phone (495) 690 67 43

Valentina GRIBANOVA, Ph.D. (Hist.)
Phone. 495) 691-41-19

Tatyana DENISOVA, Ph.D. (Hist.)
Phone. (495) 695-70-20

Natalia ZHERLITSYNA, Ph.D. (Hist.)

Natalia KSENOFONTOVA, Ph.D. (Hist.)
Phone (495) 697-19-51


Natalia KRYLOVA, Dr Sc. (Hist.)

Olga KULKOVA, PhD (Hist.)
Phone (495) 690-2752

Yevgenia MOROZENSKAYA, Ph.D. (Econ.)
Phone (495) 691-00-61

Igor SLEDZEVSKIY, Dr Sc (Hist)

Alexander TKACHENKO, Ph.D. (Econ.)

Andrei TOKAREV, Ph.D. (Hist.)

Leonid FITUNI, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr.Sc. (Econ.), Professor
Phone (495) 695-66-50

Elena KHARITONOVA, PhD (Psychology)

Vladimir SHUBIN, Dr Sc (Hist)