Junior scholars council

The Young Scholars’ Council of the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences was recreated in 2009 to bring young scholars together to express their interests, maintain scientific potential and overcome negative tendencies in the age structure of the staff.

The Council is charged with coordinating the work of young scientists under the age of 35 years (PhDs under 45 years), employees, trainees-researchers, graduate students, competitors of the Institute for African Studies.

The major subject of activity of the Council is an all-round assistance in the area of professional development, improvement of research and innovation activities, solving the professional and social issues of young scientists.

E-mail of the Council: smuinaf@gmail.com

Statute of the Young Scholars’ Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Coordinator of the Young Scholars’ Council of the Institute of African Studies

ALESHIN Kirill, Ph.D. (Econ.), Univ. St.Gallen MBA, Member of the Directorate, Head of Applied Research Group, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Global and Strategic Studies
• National economies and international economic relations of Africa and the CIS countries;
• Russia's and other states’ national interests and strategy in Africa;
• Activities of business in Africa, cooperation of business and government on the international arena.
E-mail: kirill.aleshin@inafr.ru

Chairman of the Young Scholars’ Council of the Institute of African Studies

SIDOROV Vasily, junior research fellow
• Economics and foreign economic relations of South Africa and the countries of Southern Africa, Botswana
e-mail: vasilsid@yandex.ru

Members of council:

ARKHANGELSKAYA Alexandra Alexandrovna, Ph.D., research fellow at the Centre for Southern Africa Studies
• History, South Africa's foreign policy
e-mail: aarkhangelskaya@gmail.com

BANSHCHIKOVA Anastasia, Ph.D., research fellow at the Center of History and Cultural Anthropology
• History and culture of ancient Egypt;
• Gender relations, literature and folklore of ancient Egypt;
• Russia's image in Africa.
e-mail: Senet_m_ta@mail.ru

BEKKIN Renat Irikovich, Doctor of Economics, senior research fellow
• Islamic Economics;
• Islamic Finance;
• Islamic law

ZELENOVA Daria A., Ph.D., junior research fellow
e-mail: d.zelenova@gmail.com

ZHUKOV Alexander, Ph.D., junior research fellow
• armed conflicts in Africa and problems of peace (Sudan, Somalia)
• ethnic and sub-ethnic factors in the current political process in Africa (Sudan, Kenya)
• regional and ethnic separatism in the North-Eastern Africa
• “African Horn" in the U.S. foreign policy

ZINKINA Y., research fellow

IVANCHENKO Oxana, junior research fellow
• Anthropology of the city, ethno-cultural processes in Tanzania
e-mail: Ayleen@yandex.ru

KOSTELYANETS Sergey, junior research fellow
• socio-political problems of Sudan
• armed conflicts in Africa

KRUCHINSKIY Vladislav, junior research fellow

KULKOVA Olga, Ph.D., research fellow at the Centre for Russian-African Relations and Foreign Policy in Africa.
• modern British policy towards Africa (since 1997)
• The interaction of Africa and the UK
• Issues of International Relations
• gender
e-mail: kulkova-olga@yandex.ru

LAPUSHKINA Alina, junior research fellow
e-mail: Lapushkina.alina @ gmail.com

POPOV Peter A., junior research fellow
• Southern Africa
• East Africa
• ethnic identity
• African diaspora
• settlers’ communities
e-mail: peter_rsuh@hotmail.com

TATAROVSKAYA Irina Gennadyevna, Ph.D., research fellow at the Center for History and Cultural Anthropology
• Folklore and mythology of Tropical and Southern Africa;
• Culture and traditions in Africa.
e-mail: tatarovskaya@mail.ru

TISHCHENKO Svetlana Mikhailovna, junior research fellow at the Centre for Sociological and Political Studies.
• Labor attitudes and values of African societies
• Trade unions in Africa

HAMATSHIN Albert Damirovich, junior research fellow at the Centre for Southern Africa Studies
• innovative projects for sustainable development (R & D, alternative energy, etc.);
• International trade and economics, scientific and technical cooperation;
• problems of developing countries; social, political and economic dynamics in Africa
e-mail: khamsha@mail.ru