Centre for Global and Strategic Studies

Head of the Centre

Leonid FITUNI,Dr Sc (Econ), Professor, Member of the RAS Scientific Council for the Problems of Africa, Editor-in-Chief The Scientific Journal «Journal of the Institute for African studies».

• International economic relations of the developing countries
• Globalization and development problems

Тел. (495) 695-66-50

The main fields of the Centre's Studies:

• Problems of globalisation and regionalisation in the world economy and international economic relations; global issues and Africa; global change and the concept of sustainable development.
• Neo-bipolarity and the new imperialism; shifts in the global balance of power; economic aggression and economic wars; problems of dependency and development; Africa in a new world order and balance of power.
• Geo-economic and geopolitical competition in Africa; management of mass movements and social engineering in Africa; strategic communications and Africa.
• International security system; prevention and resolution of international and domestic conflicts; combating international terrorism and countering extremism.
• National security of Russia and Africa; problems of information security and sovereignty of African countries; information wars and media addiction.
• National interests and strategy of Russia in the world and in Africa; fundamental and applied issues of Russian-African relations; Russian business in Africa.

Research Assistant - Nina KLEVKOVA
Tel: (495) 691-00-61
E-mail: global@inafr.ru

The Centre's Research Fellows:

Vladimir BASKIN, Dr Sc (Econ), Professor, Principal Research Fellow
• The world economy current globalization problems and the place of developing countries in this process

Yevgeniy GUSCHIN, PhD (Econ), Junior Research Fellow
• Currency and credit problems
• Currency regulation

Elena LUKMANOVA, Junior Research Fellow
• New trends in the external trade of African countries

Olga NIKOLAYEVA, PhD (Hist), Senior Research Fellow
• Africa and the modern information community

Vera PAVLOVA, PhD (Econ), Senior Research Fellow
• The state regulation and African market

Vyacheslav USOV, PhD (Hist), Research Fellow
• Military-political cooperation aspects within the Indian Ocean Rim
• India's African policy

Kirill ALESHIN, PhD (Econ), MBA, Senior Research Fellow, Group Leader
• National economies and international economic relations of Africa, the Middle East and the CIS countries;
• Russia's and other states’ national interests and strategy in Africa and the Middle East;
• Activities of business in Africa and the Middle East, cooperation of business and government on the international arena.

Andrey SAPUNTSOV, PhD (Econ), Principal Research Fellow
TNCs and countries in Africa

Anna SHAROVA,PhD (Econ), Principal Research Fellow
• Energy-graphic situation in the Arab countries of Asia
• International cooperation in the electric power industry of the Arab countries of Asia

TOURE Anastasia
• Islamic radicalism,
• terrorism, the policy of France in the field of security,
• West Africa,
• the Maghreb,
• Piednoirs (French Algerians),
• methods of teaching foreign languages, translation studies.