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• Religions and new ideologies as factors of international relations
• Economic and political aspects of migration processes in Africa
• Human geography of Africa

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• Problems of globalization and regionalization in the world economy and international economic relations. Global problems of our time and Africa. Global changes and the concept of sustainable development.
• New Bipolarity and New Imperialism. Global imperial reconstruction. Changes in the global balance of power. External coercion, economic aggression and economic wars. Developmental problems. Africa in a new world order and balance of power.
• Geoeconomic and geopolitical competition in Africa. Mass movement management and social construction in Africa. Strategic communications and Africa.
• International security system. Ways to prevent and resolve international and internal conflicts. Combating international terrorism and countering extremism.
• National security of Russia and Africa. Problems of information security and sovereignty of African countries. Media addiction systems. Information aggression.
• National interests and strategy of Russia in the world and in Africa. Fundamental and applied issues of Russian-African relations. Russian business in Africa.


    BEKKIN RENAT IRIKOVICH Leading Researcher - Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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      • Islamic economy
      • Islamic finance
      • Muslim law

    SHAROVA ANNA YURIEVNA Senior Researcher - Ph.D.
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      • Energy-demographic situation in the Arab countries of Asia
      • International cooperation in the power industry of the Arab countries of Asia

    ZAKHAROV IVAN ANDREEVICHSenior Researcher, PhD (Geography)
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      • Spatial development of religions in Africa
      • Religious competition
      • Inter-communal conflicts
      • The role of Christian churches in the socio-economic and political development of African countries

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      • Development of economic infrastructure in African countries
      • Applied issues of Russian-African economic cooperation

      • deputy. chapters. editor of the journal "Scientific Notes of the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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      • African migration in China
      • Cross-border migration in Africa
      • Religious identity in the contemporary world

    ORCID: 0000-0001-8329-0549
      • international relations, India-Africa relations
      • great powers on the African continent

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        KULAKOVA POLINA OLEGOVNA Junior Researcher
        ORCID: 0000-0002-2224-6138
          • Africa in the system of international relations
          • humanitarian cooperation, peacekeeping issues in Africa

        MITINA VARVARA KIRILLOVNA Junior Researcher
        ORCID: 0000-0002-5933-6452
          • North African construction sector
          • ecological development of North Africa

        SAENKO ALEXEY NIKOLAEVICH junior researcher


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