Centre for Transition Economy Studies

Head of the Centre

Yevgeniya MOROZENSKAYA, Ph.D. (Econ.), Member of the RAS Scientific Council for the Problems of Africa

    • Multiple-choice alternative in transferring to market relations. Correlation of traditional and modern forms of economic development.
    • The state regulative role in the reformed economy
    • The impact of shadow economy on the development of national economy
    • Problems of regional economic integration.

E-mail: evmorozen@mail.ru
Tel.: (495) 691-00-61

The main fields of the Centre 's Studies:

• Structural economic problems of African countries and peculiarities of their development; practical implementation of economic development strategies; potential impediments to economic development.
• Strategies for the socioeconomic development of African countries in accordance with Agenda 2063: inclusive growth and sustainable development of the economy, new forms and sources of financing, cooperation with foreign trade partners and investors.
• Africa in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: the development of information and communication technologies and their impact on the growth of production and the welfare of the population, the prospects for the clusterisation of national economies, the formation of the green economy (renewable energy, technological retooling of industrial enterprises, waste-free production), potential obstacles on this path.
• Modernisation of the African economy: government economic policies, the role of foreign direct investment in upgrading the mineral extraction industry, infrastructure development at the national and regional levels.
• Agriculture in Africa: agro-industrial parks, innovations in agricultural production as one of the key drivers of economic development in Africa, climate change and its impact on agriculture.

The Centre's Research Fellows:

• Agricultural production in Africa.
• Foreign trade in agricultural products.

Lyudmila KALINICHENKO, Research Fellow
• Africa's manufacturing industry

Irina MATSENKO. Ph.D. (Econ.), Senior Research Fellow
• Social aspects of national strategies and development programs
• National labour markets

Zinaida NOVIKOVA, Ph.D. (Econ.), Senior Research Fellow
• Non-ferrous metallurgy in African countries
• Transport in Africa

Vladimir PAVLOV, Dr Sc. (Econ.), Senior Research Fellow
• Exchange systems in African countries
• Transnational banks
• Credit and banking mechanism

Natalia MATVEYEVA, Research Fellow
• National private enterprise in Tropical Africa
• Socio-economic development of Kenya