Scientific Council for the Problems of Africa

The Academic Secretary of the SCA

Natalia A. ZHERLITSYNA, Ph.D. (Hist.), Researcher

• istory of Tunisia
• Russian-Tunisian relations in the 18th-20th centuries

Phone (495) 690-60-25

The Scientific Council for the Problems of Economic, Sociopolitical and Cultural Development of African Countries (SCA) of the Russian Academy of Sciences operates under the Department for Global Problems and International Relations of the RAS. In cooperation with the IAS, the Council coordinates research activities of academic institutes and universities in all spheres of African Studies, determines the priority areas of research and the methodology of scientific pursuits, facilitates the training of new cadres and contributes to the organisation and conduct of scientific events, including international ones.

The SCA comprises over 60 leading scholars and experts from a variety of Russian academic institutions and universities, as well as government officials interested in finding solutions to the problems of the continent and in practical implementation of research findings.

The SCA is chaired by Alexei Vasiliev, Academician of the RAS and the Honorary President of the IAS. The Academic Secretary of the SCA is Natalia Zherlitsyna, PhD (Hist.).