Centre for Civilisational and Regional Studies

Head of the Centre

SLEDZEVSKIY Igor, Dr Sc (Hist), Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Board on History Sciences; Deputy Chairman of the RAS Scientific Council for the Problems of Africa; Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Vostok/Oriens.

    • Civilizational approach: problems of methodology and epistemology
    • Civilizational approach and globalistics

Phone: (495) 695-33-11
E-mail: Igor25011904m@yandex.ru

The main fields of the Centre 's Studies:

• Civilisational dynamics and vectors of the contemporary world; the concepts of dialogue and clash of civilisations and their role in shaping a new world order; the place of Africa within the dialogue of civilisations.
• The contradictions and alternatives of the civilisational development of Africa in the postcolonial period in the context of the emergence of a polycentric multipolar world and acute social crises at the regional and global levels.
• Traditional values of African cultures and African theology; shifts in the confessional space of Tropical Africa in the 20th-21st centuries and the role of Christian and Islamic movements and communities in the civilisational development of the region.
• Monitoring and modelling risks and threats of increasing sociopolitical instability in the regions of North Africa and the Middle East as the basis for a comprehensive study of factors and development trends in these regions.
• The evolution and prospects of radical Islam (Islamism): the radicalisation or de-radicalisation of Islamic movements in the context of diminishing or growing risks of sociopolitical destabilisation in Africa and the Middle East and Russia's national security interests.
• The place of established Islamist projects in the struggle for leadership in the geopolitical space of the Middle East and North Africa in the context of the general conflict between political Islam and Arab nationalism; new centres of integration processes in the Arab world.

The Centre was found in 1998 in compliance with the decision of the Bureau of Russian Academy’s Social Science Division in view of necessity to work our new research programs in the field of CIS states’ international and regional development problems. Within the Centre operate several research units: Department of Cultural Anthropology, Department of Caucasian Studies, and Group for the study of xenophobia and political extremism. In 2002, the Centre has established its branch on the basis of the Altai University (Barnaul city, Republic of Altai, Russia).

Biyearly the Centre holds international conference Hierarchy and Power in the History of Civilizations. By the efforts of the Centre’s staff the edition of and international journal Social Evolution and History. Studies in the Evolution of Human Societies was organized. It is published with the sponsorship of renowned figures of the world sociological and historical science. The Centre maintains its own website.

The Centre's Research Fellows:

    Larissa ANDREEVA, Dr Sc, Leading Research Fellow
      • Comparative Religion Studies

    Aida MOSEIKO, PhD (Phil), Senior Research Fellow
    • Individuals in transitional societies: Russia and Africa, comparative analysis

    Irina KATAGOSHCHINA, PhD (Hist), Senior Research Fellow
      • Socio-cultural identity and mentality in globalization: Russia and Africa

    Elena KHARITONOVA, PhD (Psychology), Senior Research Fellow
      • Communication studies

    Rakhimbek BOBOKHONOV, PhD (Hist), Senior Research Fellow

      Naima NEFLYASHEVA, PhD (Hist), Senior Research Fellow
        • Islam in the Northern Caucasus
        • Ethno-political processes in the North-Western Caucasus

      Iliya PONOMAREV, PhD (Hist), Senior Research Fellow

        Alexander NECLESSA, Senior Research Fellow

          Olga KARPACHEVA, PhD (Hist), Research Fellow
            • Islamic opposition
            • Women’s activism in Islam
            • International terrorism

          Andrey KOROTAYEV, Dr Sc, Prof., Leading Research Fellow
            • Mathematical modeling of social, cultural and economic dynamics
            • Sociocultural evolution
            • Egypt
            • Tropical Africa

          Leonid ISAEV, PhD (joint)

            Alisa SHISHKINA, PhD (joint)