Centre for Sociological and Political Sciences Studies

Head of the Centre

Sergey V. KOSTELYANETS, Ph.D. (Political Science)

    •Armed conflicts and terrorism in Africa
    •African countries in the system of international relations
    •Socio-economic and political problems of the development of Sudan, etc.

Tel. +7 (495) 691 45 43
E-mail: sergey.kostelyanyets@gmail.com

Key research areas:

• Transformation of social structures and political systems in African countries; the role and place of trade unions and nongovernmental organisations in African countries.
• Civil society: conditions and prerequisites for its formation, political culture of power, democracy and traditions in social development.
• The human factor of socioeconomic development in Africa: problems of education and medical care, Africa's implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, the fight against poverty and hunger, transboundary cooperation.
• Society and nature: interaction within the framework of the concept of sustainable development, environmental issues in the light of the implementation of decisions of international forums on sustainable development (RIO-1992, Johannesburg-2002, RIO+20-2012, etc.).
• Gender studies: the place of African women in socioeconomic development of African countries, female labour, maternity protection, marriage and family, Russian women in Africa.
• Economic and sociopolitical modernisation: power, bureaucracy, parties, political leadership and the role of external factors; the social portrait of African business; dialectics of the interaction of economics and politics in the social development of African countries.
• Africa security: armed conflicts, territorial disputes, terrorist threat, conflict regulation and peacekeeping; the role of regional and global organisations and particular countries with regard to the security of the continent.

Research fellows:

    Natalia KRYLOVA, Dr Sc. (Hist.), Principal Research Fellow
      Russian Diaspora in Africa
      Gender studies
      African youth

    Nina GRISHINA, Ph.D. (Hist.), Senior Research Fellow
      Socio-political problems of Tropical African countries
      Agriculture in Tropical Africa (introduction of GMO crops as a way to alleviate food shortages)
      International relations of African countries, incl. relations with the USSR/Russia
      International assistance to countries of the continent in solving social and political problems
      Combating drug trafficking, contemporary forms of slave trade and international terrorism
      Gender studies (employment of women and youth, participation of women in public and political life, protection of women's rights at the national and international levels)
      Environmental protection and environmental risks
      Health care

    Inna RYBALKINA, Ph.D. (Hist.), Senior Research Fellow
      Family and matrimonial relations in Africa
      Female labor in agriculture
      Children and youth of Africa
      Health care
      Environmental protection and environmental risks
      Climate change and African wild life reserves

    Lyubov SADOVSKAYA, Ph.D. (Hist.), Senior Research Fellow
      Socio-political problems of African development
      Modern leaders of African states
      Problems of political stability in West African countries
      Youth parliamentarism in Africa
      Protest movements in sub-Saharan Africa

    Eldar SALAKHETDINOV, PhD in History, Research Fellow
      Socio-Political Processes and Socio-Economic Development of Southern African Countries.
      Problems of Security and Conflict Resolution in Southern Africa.

    Nailya FAKHRUTDINOVA, Research Fellow
      The role of Islam in the socio-political life of Africa (on the example of Arab countries, Senegal, Ghana)
      Genesis of conflicts in North African countries
      Gender studies (Muslim women against violence, Muslim women’s organizations, the ideological basis of youth movements in Arab countries of Africa)
      Environmental problems, global climate change, water resources and their impact on the development of North African countries, tribal and inter-state conflicts over water sources

    Darya TURYANITSA, Junior Research Fellow
      Socio-political problems of Southern and Tropical Africa
      International relations of African countries, incl. relations with the USSR/Russia, Latin America
      Gender studies

    Marina IVANOVA, Senior Assistant