The library of the RAS Institute for African Studies is the only compre­hensive collection of scientific and reference literature on Africa in the Rus­sian Federation and CIS countries. The library makes a branch of the RAS Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (ISISS). Its stock numbers about 120 thousand of library items: books, pamphlets, dissertations and periodicals in Russian and foreign languages covering the prob­lems of Africa and the Arab East.

The library has a reference-bibliography hall with reference books and a bibliographic catalog of books and articles on the problems of Africa and developing countries.

In the main hall there are two catalogues: alphabetical and systematic (subject catalogue).

To inform the readers on the recent new entries, the library keeps and weekly renews the exhibition of the latest acquisitions. Besides, there is an accession catalogue of the IAS library and the ISISS, which is constantly replenished. The library maintains a permanent exhibition of the Institute's publications and thematic exhibition organized on the occasions of conferences and commemorative meetings of the IAS Academic Council.
The library stock is available for use by the researchers from the RAS institutes, universities, and other establishments of higher learning in the Russian Federation, as well as in the near and far abroad.

Chief Librarian - Natalia KAPTEREVA

Chief Bibliographer - Anatoliy PONOMARYOV

Tel.: (+ 7 495) 602-49-52