Centre for North African and African Horn Studies

The main fields of the Centre's Studies:

1. Comprehensive study of economic and socio-political development of the countries of Northern Africa and the Horn in the context of Russia's national interests.
2. The countries of Northern Africa and the Horn in the world economic and socio-political processes.
3. History of Islamic civilization and its place in the civilizational process. Inter-civilization relations in the context of molding the contemporary world order.
4. History of East-Christian and African-Christian civilizations. Their links with Hellenic-Slavonic Orthodox world and with the Caucasus, Islamic civilization and the Christian West.
5. Institutional reforms in the countries of Northern Africa and the Horn at the turn of the 20th century.
6. Demographic problems and urbanization processes in the Near East and Northern Africa.
7. The role of the Arab countries in the world power economy. Shaping of an oil-gas complex in the countries of Northern Africa and the Near East.
8. Regional conflicts in the region of Near East and Northern Africa.
9. The ruling elites political culture in the Northern Africa states and the Horn.

Head of the Centre - Alexander TKACHENKO, Ph.D. (Econ.), Member of the RAS Scientific Council for the Problems of Africa
• Economy of the Arab countries
• Russia, Africa and the Muslim World
• Reforms in a transitional society.

The Centre's Research Assistant - Lyubov PRUNTOVA
Tel: (495) 695-62-22
E-mail: cnaah@inafr.ru

The Centre's Research Fellows:

Galina BALASHOVA, Ph.D. (Lit.), Senior Research Fellow
• The modern literary process in Ethiopia
• New and modern Ethiopian literature
• Cultural policy in African countries
• Traditional and modern art in African countries

Yekaterina ELKINA, Ph.D. (Phil.), Junior Research Fellow
• Refugees in Russia

Yuriy KOBISHCHANOV, Dr Sc. (Hist.), Principal Research Fellow
• History of Islamic civilization
• History of Eastern-Christian civilizations
• Communal-cast systems
• History and socio-political problems of Sudan

Vladimir KUKUSHKIN, Ph.D. (Econ.), Senior Research Fellow
• Socio-economic and political aspects of rent relations
• Economic reforms in the countries with transitional economy
• Regional problems of power and raw materials producing branches: Russia, Caspian basin
• OPEC member-states and Africa
• Economic and socio-political problems of Egypt

Valeriya MIRONOVA, Ph.D. (Polit.), Research Fellow
• Political problems of the Arab states;

Yelena MIRONOVA, Ph.D. (Polit.), Junior Research Fellow
• Socio-political and economic problems of Algeria
• Economic development of the Maghreb countries

Dmitry NASTAVSHEV, Ph.D. (Econ.), Research Fellow
• Systematic and comprehensive analysis of political and economic reforms in transitional societies
• Socio-economic and political problems of Libya

Andrei OUTSKIY, Ph.D. (Phil.), Senior Research Fellow
• Socio-political problems of the Arab countries
• Modern Islam
• Problems of Western Sahara

Natalia PODGORNOVA, Ph.D. (Hist.),
• Socio-economic and political problems of Morocco and Mauritania
• History of the Russian-Moroccan and Russian-Egyptian relations

Evelina SHAURO, Ph.D. (Hist.), Senior Research Fellow
• Socio-political problems of the African Horn countries
• Refugees in Russia