Centre for History and Cultural Anthropology

The Center consists of two Departments: the Department of History and the Department of Cultural Anthropology. At present there are 13 researchers in the Center 8 of which are the Ph.D. and 2 both Ph.D. and the highest - D.Sc. degrees holders, including 2 Full Professors. At the moment there are also 10 graduate students doing Ph.D. research under the Center members' supervision. Besides that, a major part of the Center employees combine academic work with teaching at different universities, including the Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Russian State University for the Humanities. Website: Center of History and Cultural Anthropology

Center Chair - Galina M. SIDOROVA, Ph.D. (Hist.)

Tel.: (695) 691-41-19

The Program of Scientific Seminar “Culture and Society”

The main fields of the Centre's Studies:

- history of Africa from ancient times to the present;
- history and contemporary state of the Russian-African relations;
- traditional and contemporary African cultures;
- intercultural interaction in Africa from ancient times to the present;
- theory of socio-cultural and socio-political processes from ancient times to the present;
- non-Western cultures and globalization: The anthropological aspects;
- ethno- and Socio-cultural processes in contemporary Africa and the world;
- migrations; non-African diasporas in Africa and African diasporas in the world;
- religions and religious interaction in contemporary Africa and the world;
- ethno-cultural and religious tolerance and xenophobia;
- political culture, psychology, and mythology;
- gender studies.

The Centre's Research Fellows:

Anastasia Alexeevna BANSHCHIKOVA
Ph.D., Researcher
cultural anthropology of Ancient Egypt;
perception of Ancient Egypt in medieval Arab sources;
historical memory of the slave trade and colonialism in modern Tanzania;
German colonial legacy in modern Tanzania;
history of Bagamoyo.

Tatiana Vasilievna EVGENYEVA
Ph.D., Senior Researcher
Political psycology; Political mythology; ethno-racial and religious tolerance and xenophobia

Valentina Valerievna GRIBANOVA
Ph.D., Senior Researcher
Modern and contemporary history of South Africa; Education and Southern Africa's cultures

Oxana Vasilievna IVANCHENKO
M.A., Junior Researcher
Urban anthropology;
Sub-Saharan Africa;
Social movements; Informal settlements;
mutual help groups;
rotating savings and credit association;
Ethnic identity;
socio-cultural processes in Tanzania;

Oleg Igorevitch KAVYKIN
Ph.D., Senior Researcher
Identities and Identities' Construction in Sub-Saharan Africa

Alexander Alexeevich KAZANKOV
Ph.D., Senior Researcher
Hunter-gatherer societies; matrilineal cultures; comparative mythology; ethnomusicology

Alexander A. PANOV
Junior research
Processes of nation-building and transformation of cultural identities in the East African states in XX – XXI c.
Political crises of XXI c. in Africa and their humanitarian consequences
Migration from Sub-Saharan Africa, problem of refugees
Modern mass culture in Sub-Saharan Africa
Image of Russia in Africa

Vladimir Gennadyevich SHUBIN
D.Sc., Professor, Ph.D. (Honoris Causa), University of the Western Cape (South Africa).
The recent history of Southern African countries. Relations of the USSR/Russia and other leading world nations with African states. Politics and practice of the international social democracy.

Irina Gennadievna TATAROVSKAYA
Ph.D., Researcher
Cultures and mythologies of the Congo Basin peoples; African folklore

Veronika Vladimirovna USACHEVA
Ph.D., Senior Researcher
Media studies; Relations between mass media, state and society; informational globalization; multicultural societies; xenophobia, tolerance/intolerance attitudes in mass media; cross-cultural communication; image of Africa and Africans: mass media and mass culture aspects.

Natalia Alexandrovna ZHERLITSYNA
Ph.D., Researcher
History of Tunisia; Russian-Tunisian relations in the 18th-20th centuries

Ph.D., Research Fellow
History of social, political and intellectual movements (Afrocentrism, Pan-Africanism, and Afropolitanism); postcolonial studies; cultural identity; historical memory; cross-cultural dialogue.

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