Dissertation councils

The Institute has two councils where doctoral and PhD theses are defended: the Council for History (“General History”, “History of International Relations and Foreign Policy”. “Ethnography, Ethnology and Anthropology”, “Political Problems of International Relations and Global Development”) and the Council for Economics ("World Economy"). Within the years of their existence, the councils have conferred hundreds of PhD degrees and dozens of doctoral degrees, on researchers, including Africans.

Chairman of the Dissertation Council on History - Director, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Alexei VASILIEV

The Council's Executive Secretary – Valentina GRIBANOVA, PhD (Hist)

Tel: (+7 495) 691-41-19
E-mail: valentina.gribanova@inafr.ru

Chairman of the Dissertation Council on Economics -Yuriy POTYOMKIN, Dr Sc (Econ)

The Council's Executive Secretary – Natalia VINOGRADOVA, PhD (Econ)

Tel: (+ 7 495) 602-70-20
E-mail: natalia.vinogradova@inafr.ru

The Council's Research Assistant - Tamara IVANOVA