Doctoral Studies Department

The Institute’s Doctoral Studies Department is an independent structural
unit, which deals with the training of scholarly experts in the problems of
The Department is licensed by the Ministry of Education of the Russian
Federation for educational activities in the sphere of postgraduate studies in
the following fields:

  • General history (07.00.03);
  • Ethnography, ethnology and anthropology (07.00.07);
  • History of international relations and foreign policy (07.00.15);
  • World economy (08.00.14);
  • Political problems of international relations and global development

For the last half century the Institute has conferred a Ph.D. degree on
462 doctoral students and Doctor of Science degree on 32 competitors who
successfully defended their thesis. Among them 139 persons were foreign
Currently 34 doctoral students and applicants for a degree from Moscow
and other Russian cities are provided further education on a budgetary or
commercial basis. Over 20 Doctors of science and Ph.D. from the ranks of
the leading Institute`s researchers are engaged in advising and supervising
their studies.
Doctoral and competitors take an active part in the Institute’s academic
activities. They publish the results of their studies in monographs and collections
of papers issued by the Institute, participate in all-Russian and international
conferences. They have an opportunity to debate and present their papers
on the core issues of African studies at the annual sessions of the Young
Africanists School.
Head of the department:
Tamara Bulatova
Phone: (495) 697-25-10