Centre for Transition Economy Studies

The main fields of the Centre 's Studies:

1. Adjustment of African countries to the world economic system under globalization
2. Distinctive features of transition to market relations in African developing countries economic systems. Correlation of traditional and modern forms of economic development
3. The state regulative role in the reformed economy
4. The structure of industries in the economy of African countries
5. The impact of shadow economy on the development of national economy. The role of an informal sector in Africa
6. Strategy and patterns of African economic development. National programs of social and economic development
7.The evolution of currency-financial systems in the transition period
8. Activity of private foreign capital in Africa
9. Regional problems of economic development. The feature of economic integration within Africa
10. Africa in the world information space
11. Gender problems in transition societies and their impact on shaping the human capital.

Head of the Centre - Yevgeniya MOROZENSKAYA, Ph.D. (Econ.), Member of the RAS Scientific Council for the Problems of Africa
• Multiple-choice alternative in transferring to market relations. Correlation of traditional and modern forms of economic development.
• The state regulative role in the reformed economy
• The impact of shadow economy on the development of national economy
• Problems of regional economic integration.
E-mail: evmorozen@mail.ru
Tel.: (495) 691-00-61

The Centre's Research Assistance - Raisa MYSINA
Tel.: (495) 291-80-88
E-mail: econ@inafr.ru

The Centre's Research Fellows:
Lyudmila KALINICHENKO, Research Fellow
• Africa's manufacturing industry

Natalia KSENOFONTOVA, Ph.D. (Hist.), Senior Research Fellow
Head of the IAS Editing and Publishing Department
• History and ethnology of the peoples of South-Eastern Africa
• The gender aspect of social development

Natalia MATVEYEVA, Research Fellow
• National private enterprise in Tropical Africa
• Socio-economic development of Kenya

Irina MATSENKO. Ph.D. (Econ.), Senior Research Fellow
• Social aspects of national strategies and development programs
• National labour markets

Zinaida NOVIKOVA, Ph.D. (Econ.), Senior Research Fellow
• Non-ferrous metallurgy in African countries
• Transport in Africa

Vladimir PAVLOV, Dr Sc. (Econ.), Senior Research Fellow
• Exchange systems in African countries
• Transnational banks
• Credit and banking mechanism

Georgiy ROSHCHIN, Dr Sc. (Econ.), Leading Research Fellow
• Activities of foreign private capital in Africa
• External financing of development

Boris RUNOV, Ph.D. (Econ.), Leading Research Fellow
• Prospects of economic development Of African countries in the light of the global transformation of the world economy

Nina SEMENOVA, Ph.D. (Geogr.), Senior Research Fellow
• Oil and gas resources of Russia and Africa