Monograph Agafoshin, Maksim M. "From «the Fertile Crescent» to «the Dangerous Island»: Arab Migration into European Countries"

Agafoshin, Maksim M. "From «the Fertile Crescent» to «the Dangerous Island»: Arab Migration into European Countries"".
Academic Editor: Professor Leonid L. Fituni, DSc (Econ.) Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Moscow: Inst. for African Studies, RAS, – 222 p.
ISBN 978-5-94193-102-6

This book is the first study in Russia devoted to the spatial aspect of the functionalityof migration systems during the crisis. The scale of migration from the ArabStates of the Middle East, which has sharply increased in the last decade, has becomethe trigger of the European migration crisis. Using a wide range of statistical data,mathematical and cartographic methods, the author determined the power, directionsand factors of differentiation of migration routes along their entire length fromSyria and Iraq to the countries of Western and Northern Europe. It has been establishedthat as a result of an abnormal increase in the scale of migration, the structureof the entire migration system is radically changing, its transformation is takingplace in territorial and temporal relations. The features of the settlement of migrants,both within the countries of their formation in the Middle East and accumulationregion, are considered in detail, a typology of temporary accommodation centers formigrants in the transit region of South-Eastern Europe is proposed. Drawing on thecase of Sweden, the features of the settlement of migrants in the countries of theirfinal accumulation are revealed. The study determines the impact of migration fromMuslim countries on the change in the confessional structure of the population of theEU states.

The book is addressed primarily to specialists in the field of migration, socialgeography, religious, political and Oriental studies; teachers, researchers, universitystudents, as well as for anyone interested in cross-border mobility of the populationand related socio-economic and political problems.