Centre for the Study of the Russian-African Relations and African States' Foreign Policy

Head of the Centre

Sergey VOLKOV, PhD (Econ.)
Phone (495) 690 67 43

The main fields of the Centre's Studies:

• Russia and Africa in the context of contemporary international relations; Russia's interests in Africa; Russia-Africa interaction in the international arena; political, cultural and scientific ties between Russia and African countries; the role of IT for Russia-Africa relations.
• Russia-Africa trade, economic, investment and military-technical cooperation; Russian business in Africa and facilitation of economic ties; constraining and stimulating factors for economic cooperation.
• The place and role of Africa in the formation of a new world order; the evolution of African states' foreign policy; African states in international organisations; African countries and the reform of the UN.
• Africa policies of the leading powers of the West and the East: the security-development nexus in the political and economic dialogue between the EU and Africa, the evolution of U.S. policy towards Africa, “soft power” and “hard power” of the West in Africa, China's accelerating penetration of the continent.
• Conflicts and crisis situations in Africa; the role of IT in foreign policy; peacekeeping in Africa; Russia's efforts towards ensuring peace and security on the continent.

The Centre's Research Fellows:

Tatiana DEICH, Ph.D. (Hist.), Senior Research Fellow
Member of the RAS Scientific Council for the Problems of Africa
• Russian-African political and economic relations
• China: economic and socio-political problems, foreign policy, relations with African countries

URNOV Andrey Yurievich
• South Africa Against Africa

Olga KULKOVA, Ph.D (Hist.), Senior Research Fellow
• African policy of the British “New Labour”;
• modern British policy towards Africa; the EU and Africa;
• Russian-African relations;
• peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction in Africa;
• EU and Britain’s development assistance; security – development nexus in EU-African relations.

NENASHEV Sergey - senior scientist

ZHURAVLEV Viktor - USSR Ambassador to Djibouti in 1986-1991.
Russia and North Africa, the countries of the Horn of Africa




SIDOROVA Galina senior scientist - Doctor of Political Sciences (joint)

KARPOV Grigory - Ph.D. (joint)