The monograph R.V. Dmitriev "Central Place Theory: from Statics to Dynamics"

R.V. Dmitriev "Central Place Theory: from Statics to Dynamics"
Rep. editor: corresponding member RAS, Doctor of Economics. Sciences L.L. Fituni
M.: IAS RAS, 2023. – 204 p.
ISBN 978-5-91298-292-7

The monograph is devoted to the central place theory – a construct in its classical version describing the spatial hierarchy of urban settlement; however, in the relativistic form, it has gone far beyond only the urban “framework”. The author pays special attention to clarifying and, if possible, improving the methodological apparatus of the central place theory in order to increase its explanatory and predictive power. We see our contribution in overcoming the “curse of static” that plagued the theory which until recently could not explain the transition from one form of space organization to another. The author illustrates the theoretical conclusions about the nature of the evolution of the central place systems with the examples of New Zealand, Estonia, the Russian Far East, Lesotho, Yemen and India.