December 19, 2023 International conference “East and Africa in the transformation of modern reality”

International conference
“East and Africa in the transformation of modern reality”
December 19, 2023

This conference is a comprehensive event dedicated to the issues of modern development of African and Asian countries in the context of the processes of globalization and transformation of the global world order, which lead to the inevitable transformation of individual political, social, economic and cultural systems, create new development challenges and revive factors of transformational historical influence .

In this regard, it becomes relevant to turn to the modern experience of African and Asian states, for which this global transformation process has become a powerful challenge and has presented them with a choice: to integrate into the new world order and gain advantageous positions in the world of the future, or to maintain the status quo, but it is quite possible to lose its current position in the future under the influence of force majeure processes.

In the context of the extensive theme of the conference, we invite participants to make presentations on the following thematic headings:
• Political blocs, alliances, associations and variations of the integrative process in Africa and Asia
• State transformation and diversity of protest activity in African and Asian countries
• Forms of non-systemic violence - terrorism, piracy, organized crime in Africa and Asia
• Ethnopolitics and migration in Africa and Asia
• Religion as a transformation factor in African and Asian countries
• Neocolonialism and the policies of external players in Africa and Asia
• Economic cooperation and development in Africa and Asia
• Military cooperation and military blocs in African and Asian countries
• Democracy and pluralism in Africa and Asia

Participation in the conference is open.

Please send applications to indicating the topic, full name, title and position (if any), email address. email and phone numbers till December 8, 2023.

Based on the results of the conference, it is planned to publish a collection of the RSCI conference. Requirements for publication – article no more than 8 pages. Footnotes GOST. A bibliography is required. Texts for publication are accepted after the conference until January 19, 2024.