23-25 February 2021 3rd International Conference Activisms in Africa 2021

3ª International Conference Activisms in Africa 2021
Peace, Rights and New Networks
Recife, 23-25 February 2021

The African continent is experiencing significative economic, political, cultural and social changes. Several parts of the continent are affected by internal tensions and conflicts, facing threats of transnational nature, such as terrorism. According with the International Rescue Committee and excluding several conflicts of minor intensity, from ten (10) active armed conflicts in the world, six (6) are in Africa. The human rights of Africans are at risk due the economic, political and religious pressure that drives the continent to intolerance against minorities.

In this complex landscape, the activism struggles for changing the scenario and some the efforts pays off, with this movements conquering space and prestige. In Malawi, after three months of pressure by the social movements, the Constitutional Court ordered the presidential elections to be repeated, and in other parts of the continent (Tanzania, Lesotho and Uganda), the right of communities to the land is being recognized due a decentralized policy. In this complex scenario, the struggles for democracy and tolerance must be framed in a global approach. The collaboration networks inside the continent, and other of South-South transnational nature, are becoming more important and effective facing authoritarian regimes.

Against this backdrop, the International Conference Activisms in Africa (2021) identifies, as theme of the conference, the role of African social movements in gaining and regaining peace and a sustainable and inclusive public sphere, as well as the relevance and evolution of transnational networks. Those local, national and