Research projects in 2006-2009.

The Russian Foundation for Humanitarian Research grant-supported research projects of the Institute for African Studies in 2009.

1. Globalizing Middle East and the new role of Russia in the Middle East peace-making process after the Caucasus crisis.
Head – Prof. A.M. Vasiliev, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

2. Assistance in decolonization and elimination of apartheid by the Soviet Union / Russia as an important factor in shaping the image of our country.
Head – Prof. V. G. Shubin

3. The role of human capital in shaping the image of the country in a multipolar world: a comparison of Russian and African realities.
Head – Dr. I.O. Abramova

4. Russia, USA, China, Europe, the Islamic world: a comparative analysis of the formation and characteristics of the image of Africa (Expedition).
Head – Prof. D.M. Bondarenko

5. The forming images and real opportunities for Russian-African "resource cooperation" in a multipolar world.
Head – Dr. L.L. Fituni

6. Russia as a subject of the dialogue of civilizations in a polycentric world. An alternative to the catastrophic predictions.
Head – Dr. I.V. Sledzevskiy

7. USA, China and Russia in Africa: Partners or rivals.
Head – Prof. A.A. Gromyko, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

8. Russia, the EU, the U.S. and China in the Middle East and North Africa: competitors and partners.
Head – Dr. A.A. Tkachenko

9. International aspects of African security and Russia's position.
Head – Dr. M.L. Vishnevskiy

10. Interaction of business and state in promoting the image of Russia as a social state on the African continent.
Head – Dr. E.V. Kharitonova

11. New role of Russia in the development of mineral resourses of Africa.
Head – Dr. V.V. Lopatov

12. Image of Russia in African countries in a context of a modernization of African societies.
Head – Dr. D.A. Khalturina

The strategic rivalry among the leading economies of the world for African resources (2006-2008)

The image of modern Russia in African countries: the formation and characteristics (2006-2008)

The perception of Africa in Russia. Evolution of the image of Africa in the media (2006-2008)

Russia and Islam: a civilizational dialogue (2006-2008)

The African personnel training in Russia (2006-2008)